about us

tongues of the ocean is an online literary journal of Bahamian, Caribbean and related writing. We’re an affiliate of the Bahamas International Literary Festival, but BILF isn’t responsible for what we decide to do (so don’t blame them!). We publish three times a year – in February, June, and October. We reserve the right to be picky about what we publish. We’re now accepting prose as well as poetry. Interested in submitting? Read here for more details.

Here’s some of the stuff we’ll be including in tongues:

writers on writers – writers talk about the work of another writer. Like a review, only hotter. Bahamians & residents only, to begin with, but we’ll get friendlier as we go on. We’d like to start with a focus on Bahamian and Caribbean greats.

bredren and sistren – section for Caribbean and Southern US writers, for West Africans – for our siblings and cousins in the diaspora, and for our spiritual kin around the world. We reserve the right.

catch a fire – in every issue we’ll include a section inspired by word prompts, which we’ll post with the call for submissions.  If you’re writing fiction, we’re accepting only flash fiction for catch a fire (for our purposes, fiction under 300 words). Prose poems are welcome. Transgress boundaries. Push.

**A note about the way we publish: we’re using blogging software to do the job, and thought we’d take advantage of the capabilities. So we publish two pieces a week. Every Sunday, look for two more pieces — the whole issue won’t be revealed till it’s finished.**

Editor-in-chief: Nicolette Bethel