The West Indies Haiku (#1) / tim tomlinson

a white seabed—
the imprint of a ray
no longer sleeping

queen’s highway—
a hermit crab tucks
against traffic

two crows
lifting from roadkill—
passing jogger

on the power lines—
empty airstrip

high noon—
the dogs sleeping
beneath a Buick

cactus branch—
a seagull perched
between thorns

at slack tide—
sagging hammock

spring leaf
on the reef bottom
drifting this way, that

heat lightning—
pages scattered
on an empty bed


Tim Tomlinson is a co-founder of New York Writers Workshop, co-author of The Portable MFA in Creative Writing, and fiction editor for the webzine Ducts. Recent fiction and poetry appear in Perigee, Del Sol Review, Pif, and Hanging Moss Journal (Dec 2008).