Conception of Anne Bonny / sonia farmer

In one version,
Anne’s father impregnates
the housekeeper.
His wife takes her to court,
exiles her to the colonies.
Anne’s father follows
by choice.
Displacement: swearing
the color of the water
changes. New voices
murmur from the sea.
The skin adopts
new salt and water languages
and the skin speaks them, softens.
Of course it is easy
for the man to recover
his social stature
when displaced
to the colonies.
In Carolina all you need
is money, a plantation,
a clapboard house
with a porch, and a good family.
Displacement: the color
of the world changes.
Why bother with light?
The pitch of the home
defined by the lack
of his shirts hanging
on chair backs.
Says the dusty table: Do not
set places for three:
there was never anything
worth your womb.
The bed: Your existence
will never again be defined
by the body sleeping
next to you.
Did you think
this was a closet?
the sink asks the
The sleepwalker stares
at the sink:
My dreams promised me
an ocean.


Sonia Farmer is a Bahamian who completed her BFA in Creative Writing at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, in May 2009. She is the author of two limited edition chapbooks, What Becomes Us and Grow. Her work has appeared in Ubiquitous Literary and Art Magazine, Poui X, and tongues of the ocean.

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