writers on writers: Patrick Rahming

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Patrick Anthony Rahming is a Bahamian architect, poet, musician, dramatist and storyteller. Trained in Montreal, Canada in the 1960’s, he has spent forty years performing and writing throughout the American East Coast and the Caribbean. He has won awards as an architect (Governor General’s Awards), actor (DANSA), musician (Timothy Award) and a number of national awards for his contribution to Bahamian society in the literary and performing arts. His poetry has been published throughout the region and his recent work in fiction has continued his reputation as a storyteller. Pat Rahming lives in Nassau, Bahamas with his wife Marilyn.


  1. The availability of these insights of Patrick Rahming, is equivalent to having secured and put on display, a handful of gems. I am grateful. I will most certainly return to this window to look, to listen and for affirmation.

  2. After watching this interview and then listening to Mr. Rahming speak on education and other things on the Nation Today, I believe that he now wears another hat. He sounds like a true Bahamian philosopher with a coherent world view. He also seems to have written many essays about a number of very important topics, where can these writings be found? Is there a collection available?

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