Thesis on Fruit / aditi machado

This is a study on bias, on how the orange
is deemed joyous, capable of spring and unreeling
skin off healed wounds; how grapes are sudden
raindrops seductive as poison;
how the apple is wholesome and yet bitten
off in fractions by imperfect people; how the mango’s
etymological root is someone’s succulent summer
first kiss; how the melon is chameleonic:
pregnant with itself, sexual, violent as cue balls,
smooth as riverbed stones, endlessly semiotic;
how you cannot forget the discovery of pomegranate
seeds as they spill out — the ancient colonies
of an ancient civilisation — and how you looked
at the minute hearts of jewels, and how you felt
the small Niles gush down your throat,
the backward waterfall
of words.

Aditi Machado‘s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in various Indian and international journals. She lives in Bangalore, India and blogs at Blotting paper.

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