Wheelbarrow Woman / lynn sweeting

(for the woman of difference)
Listen darling, I rode to my old friend’s cliff-top wedding in a wheelbarrow,
And everything was groovy,
I made a joke about Diane making me walk through the bush
My entire life,
Everybody laughed.
My lipstick was red, my Indian skirt to the floor was green,
I made that wheelbarrow look good, honey,
I was the prettiest crippled girl anyone had ever seen.
I am showing you this story
(see the Goddess in a wheelbarrow,
see the sun gone a lavender colour all the way
to his very edges,
see the broken pot where
the most beautiful of all the ferns will grow…)
to let you know,
you have the power
to spin bad luck
into green seeds
that do your soul so good
when you go planting.
Little sister let me tell you,
They’re going to stare anyway,
So give them something to look at,
A little womanish attitude,
A little glitter on your tennis shoes.
Some continue the campaign of lies against you
Even when you prove them wrong,
(She never walked around the room on her toes,
She doesn’t miss what she’s never known.)
Fear is the meaning of their favorite song,
but not the meaning of yours.
Love up your own self fearlessly.
Imagine the forest restored
and never forget
to bless your lovely wheelbarrow at the wedding.

Lynn Sweeting’s poems have been published in The Caribbean Writer, Sisters of Caliban, and WomanSpeak. She writes the truth about life as an act of womanish resistance in a patriarchal Caribbean culture. Sisterhood among women as a way to transform our lives and our world is a recurring motif.


  1. Like this…esp…”…give them something to look at/a little womanish attitude/a little glitter in your tennis shoes”…it’s got spunk

  2. Refreshing and candid. Encapsulates the best of woman (esp. Bahmian Woman) in her myriad dimensions. Would like to see it being shared at the Simpson Penn Home for Girls, Guides headquarters, all the schools, churches, etc., self love – an clarion call for unequivocal self love – “…love up your own self fearlessly…it’s beauty and simplicity is thought provoking, yet so familiar…Impressive Lynn, congratulations!

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