Genesis / randall baker

Downstream from where the girls come to bathe
I lift rocks to stir the janga,
casting my net and a hopeful eye
toward the pool where she stands, like Eve,
glistening in sunlight and water.
We have danced this dance of coincidence before.
As if she weren’t perfection and purity,
she makes a pageant of washing her figure; firm,
rivaled only by the salute of my own flesh,
hard and blue like the mahoe tree.
I am Adam and her presence beckons.
Together we could populate the earth.
My catch is small; my desire on a grander scale.
Hefting my pail and net, I wade to the shore
as she does, on a trajectory towards life.
We’ve danced this dance before, but only as prelude.
Today, the taste of creation permeates the air.
Our eyes touch and Eden is born on the riverbank.

Randall Baker lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and daughter. When not earning a living, he likes to wrestle with words. Occasionally, he is able to subdue them into forming a song, poem or story.