1 O’Clock Mass / obediah michael smith

ants that we are, wiped out in an instant
can we be as humble as ants are little
as ants are helpless

light enough to float upon the waves of life
come hell or high water
come rain or come shine

do nations unite or do they divide

certainly facilitate name calling
Haitian, Jamaican
this Englishman
that Russian

fragility of the state in which we abide
as fragile as the plates
out of which we eat
as the cups out of which we drink

can drop any minute, can crack up anytime

this world we’re in
this globe we’re on

upon a saucer spinning


has published thirteen books of poems, a short novel and a cassette recording of his poems.  He has published widely in journals, and his work has been translated into Spanish and included in anthologies and journals in South America, Mexico and Spain.