Elegy for Sylvia Plath / danielle jennings

He sees himself in animals;
terrified of the shame, he’s inflicted
me with muteness. But everyone knows
I’ve gassed his façade,
left blood on his mien.
My children know the truth
of a mother’s love:
we talk in dreams and kiss
in the rain.
Sow words sister—
that is how I escaped death.

Danielle Jennings is a Jamaican writer who contributes creative non-fiction, fiction and poetry to the major Jamaican newspapers. With dreams of becoming a successful, published writer she divides her time writing, blogging and volunteering for charity.


  1. Reply

    Thank you for this brave and clear piece. I will send it onto every writing female whom I know. The ending genuinely surprised me, which is what one is always after!
    Nancy Anne Miller

  2. Reply

    Dearest Nancy Anne,

    I treasure your comments very much. I am so happy that you find the poem to be brave and clear, it is a comment that a poet can only pray for without expecting. Bless you for your plan to share it with other women writers.


    Danielle Jennings.

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