On the Rock / d’anthra adderley

the house cannot withstand
the summer rain, the hurricane
when water drips from roof through
holes like mouths to feed
a yellow clapboard house with paint flaking
potcakes fast asleep underneath the
nose of the patio
from great grandmother down
house has undergone fire and brimstone
this house has heard irreconcilable fights
slaps from in-laws doors slammed shut
shatter of broken jaws
heard the breaking of beer bottles
and wine glasses fine china
seen bruises of black and blues eyes
smelled burning of cigarettes backwood and
marijuana and unwatched pots
heard the cries of love making
raping, toddlers playing, cussin’
enraged sweathearts and folks in the road
diffused by the prayers and tears of grandma and other
worshipers, among them, this building bears witness.


D’Anthra Adderley is a recent graduate of St Andrew’s School who writes poetry primarily to express her feelings and views about people, places and/or events. “Poetry for me is about evoking emotion and manipulating rhetoric. It is an opportunity, perhaps the only one, for me to be honest.”


  1. Congratulations on your publication D’Anthra, hope to read many more interesting work from you.

  2. Thank you Philip. You know I am in good company.

  3. Lady of many talents.Your writing is top notch and powerful and it will empower. I am proud to hv met you.

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