Someone Else’s Grandmother / heather thompson

A nod through oxygen and drip
acknowledges that I am here
to pay my respects to a lavender tinted memory
of someone else’s grandmother
and the thrill of wading through
swathes of mauve fashion
(no granny knitting)
festooning floors of pent up apartment
being caught by strong muscular legs
that walked miles
for groceries and the latest politician’s lies
with matching purple tinted hair
and nails
scratching a living
but dreaming of cocktails and grandeur


Heather L.Thompson is a poet who has attended workshops at the Palm Beach Poetry Festival and BWSI. She has been published on tongues of the ocean and Screw Iowa.


  1. A meaningful tribute which demonstrates your desire to solidify a significant moment in time. …a lavender tinted memory… – nice. Remember Helene Anne has already asked for the book and now I join her in that request.

  2. A really nostalgic poem. It mad eme think of my own grandmother. very beautiful.

  3. walking miles for groceries and the latest politician’s lies… what a great image to capture many grandmothers of that earlier generation… really lovely Heather.

  4. Beautiful images and so accurate a protrayal. mine died at 100 last year and she did leave me many a “lavender tinited memory”. On wih the book!

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