As Much As We Can Stand / maria govan

You came like thunder
but from nowhere
the way heat generates
the quietest of storms at home in summer
and for a moment
the sky caught fire
and night time was illuminated
I held my breath until the darkness emptied
lost herself
to be found again
renewed in the waking
Your touch reminds me that I am most alive
and my heart beats emboldened by that knowing
In our restfulness—the moments in between the rapture
when breathing settles and touch is tender—
I speak with Time asking that he be kind
and give us as much as we can stand
but standing even in ecstasy tires
and so, I would rather leave you wanting
more than full my dear
And now, though you are not here
you slip into my imagination easy
and I cannot help but smile at the space
you hold there
the door with
no lock, no key,
leaves me open
because I am learning not to fear, nor cling
but rather trust this crazy life
and all of its surprises
They promise to come
and go
to shape shift with time
and even in the absence of you
now I do know
that I have been given treasure

Thank you for dancing with me
And daring to stay for longer that usual


A filmmaker of Greek, Scottish and Bahamian descent, Maria Govan’s creative voice is deeply rooted in a dialogue with her home, the Bahamas. She was involved in the Bahamas Writers Summer Institute as a teacher of screenwriting. Her first feature film, Rain, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2008, and opened the Bahamas International Film Festival that December.

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  1. Coupling and uncoupling is a symphony that I can hear over and over again. It never gets stale and the retelling is always refreshing and new.

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