Cyan’ Keep He Way From She / sandra sealy

*in memory of Bruce St. John

I geh up
from outta we bed
rubbing grainy night from muh eyes
wid a bellyful of me man nature,
just as cock soun’ brekkin’ up sleep,

hot sun peepin’
ovuh de trees
an maliciousin’
tru de bafroom winda,
mindin’ me bizness
fuh me,

I gon in de kitchen
tuh mek tea an’ food fuh ‘e-
de oat flakes pon de stove,
clothes in de bucket
soak down wid blue soap, yeh

Now I packin’ he bag,
gih he, he brof’
an’ de fray cakes an’ cassava bakes I fry up dis mornin’

De ol’ boots
longside de net
an’ dat ol’ hat
I wuh like to pelt it ‘way

De bed creaksin’
An’ he snortin’ gratin’ pon muh nerves
As newsusual,

Yuh believe
dah is de same man
dah mek me belly squeeze up
when I see he straddlin’ grease pole,
skinnin’ he white teet’- pretty, pretty, pretty
nuff Oistin Festivals ago?
Yuh hear he now?
Dah is de same man
dat baydin’ and puttin’ on clothes
for De Nex’ Nudda One.
I HATE she like piesin’!

Yuh imagine,
She is bring condense milk an’ corn beef down heah,
mek sure we got in phone,
pick out we curtains
an’ fix up de boat too?

Well, I tell ya,
what I got fuh he,
did always fuh he one!
But she?
She does spread sheself
fuh evahbody
an’ she rough, rough, rough an’ smell raw too,
but dah blasted man does still guh back tuh she!

Dah bitch!
Cyan’ even stab she.

Last night I rock he boat gud!
tuh mek he stan’ home

But despite all I do fuh ‘e
I know he gine back…

…tuh de Sea.


Sandra Sealy (Barbados) has poetry and other genres published in the Caribbean and beyond. Her spoken-word/jazz single “Beauty Of The Bald Head”, became a music video in 2004. This storyteller /creative writing tutor has taught several children who have won awards under her tutelage. She blogs at Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing Opps.


  1. Sandra, your poem was on point and pitch perfect. I am recognizing your ‘voice’ (didn’t even have to look at the author’s handle at the feet of the bed). Do I hear a volume in the making with 3rd Religion & Filling a Government Prescription?

  2. Carlyon,
    NOW discovering this comment (how many years later?!)! It’s because finally, I’m putting The Book together. Based on your request, I WILL include at least 2 of these pieces.
    Thank you for your support all these years!
    Pretty sure you’re tracking me 🙂 but just so you know I’m sharing this book journey here on my writing blog: and via social media channels.
    Please sign up to be on my Author’s List!

    Much love,
    Sandra/ Seawoman

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