Shreds / danielle jennings

…the knot’s loosened more;
maybe I’ll ram a big needle
in the fabric and suture it.

…but, I can’t convert composure
to coins.

…laughter is transient;
memory, hard to swallow.

Watching them chatting codes,
I drank coffee, nodding
politely, missing my youth.

We split the bill and ripped the cloth.
Shreds lay beside the cash on the table.
A dry breeze circled our skirts
as we hugged goodbye.


Danielle Jennings is a freelance writer mentored by the late Wayne Brown. She was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica in 1983, and studied Literatures in English at UWI (Mona). She was once a teacher, is currently on hiatus from law school, and her work has been featured in Latineos. She blogs at The Vicissitudes.