the inertia of being broken / renatta laundry

no one seems to notice
her predicates skillfully sliced thin
for ear. esteem. ego. gashing.
or him, trying to crawl across
the broken edges
of things in the aftermath
searching for souvenirs,
particles for a make shift model
of his heart. soul. spirit.

hoping amidst the rubble
are consecrated pieces:
maybe a shield
a pair of crutches
a tourniquet
for these broken members
need a few things.
He needs a few things
to keep going.


Renatta Laundry, a Brooklyn based Guyanese writer is passionate about Capoeira, hoarding good memories and writing about them and their opposing bits. She was once a reporter for Stabroek News, an English and Psychology major and is presently working on a collection of poetry called Deconstructed: Emotions & Expletives.


  1. Interesting. That wasn’t my intention, but then again, poetry isn’t entirely the poet’s intent. It is also reader interpretation. Despite the fact that I was aspiring to paint a picture that is often told from the female perspective, I read it again with your statement in mind and saw a sliver of what you said.

    Appreciate the feedback.

  2. WoW! I know someone who I can tell went through this period, and every now and then I see just a glimpse of the pain that he must have felt. But, I agree, I mostly know women who tell this story.

    I love the gift of expression in you.

  3. familiar feeling… scrounging in rubble for consecrated pieces… powerfully penned!

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