These Are the Days / lynn sweeting

these are the days
for caring about the poem,

let it be round,
softly curved like a moon,

washed in sandbank green,
tongue of the ocean blue,

let it bite your tongue
like mango in salt sea,

let it bring you to your knees
like the sight of a lost mother

coming through the door,
like blue sky raining,

like blood upon the floor,
let it reek of roses

as if grown among roses,
crabgrass and holy bones,

let it say everything
I dare not say

in a voice I’m content
to call my own.


Bahamian Lynn Sweeting was an award-winning journalist for fifteen years before turning to poetry. Her poems have been published in Sisters of Caliban, Yinna, Poui, the 2008 CARIFESTA Anthology, and tongues of the ocean. She was awarded the 1998 Charlotte and Isador Paiewonsky Poetry Prize from The Caribbean Writer and was short-listed for the 2010 Small Axe Literary Prize. She is the co-creator and editor of WomanSpeak, the Journal of Literature and Art by Caribbean Women.


  1. Beautiful, Lynn!!! The buildup, the quiet intensity…. wow!

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