Pink / simone leid

I still blush when someone tells me I’m beautiful
and it’s not like I haven’t heard it a hundred times before, it’s just that

they only ever stay for a little while and
lately I’ve been thinking my tequila-blurred optimism might be construed as

a lack of pride, and lately I’ve been contemplating
just getting off this roller coaster ride that’s

less adrenaline rush than sinister lullaby
every seductive twist and dive yanks me rag-doll senseless

snaps my neck back, makes my nose bleed. Every dizzying spiral
jolts me in and out of consciousness – this déjà-vu

this neon flicker of perverted memories; punk rock and bloody razors
sonnets and suicide notes, milkshakes and muted cries

pink quills and safety pins.


Simone Leid is a Trinidad and Tobago national, fellow of the Cropper Foundation Creative Writers Workshop and Founder of The WomenSpeak Project – an online forum which encourages Caribbean women to tell their stories of discrimination


  1. wow, that ‘as’ sticking out is seriously annoying the heck outta me. Messes up my nice couplets.

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