you never thought / nic sebastian

you never thought
that I could rear so high and bite
your head off your shoulders like
puffed corn that I could grab
your life like some

shirt from the dryer snap
shake out your life fold it so
small drop it off so
easily at the thrift store

striding by
on my high long legs
for Jupiter


Animation: Sterling Sheehy
Music: ‘Reverence’ by Vospi and the Tunguska Electronic Music Society.


Nic Sebastian hails from Arlington, Virginia. She has two sons and travels widely. Her work has appeared in Valparaiso Poetry Review, Anti-, MiPOesias, Avatar Review and elsewhere. Nic blogs at Very Like A Whale. She is the founder and voice behind the audio poetry journal Whale Sound and founder of Voice Alpha, a group blog dedicated to the discussion of anything related to reading poetry aloud for an audience.