Paul / chanzo greenidge

Paul by Twylight Seven


On a rainy morning, the beaten streets might say your name
You were always here
In the stench of the bar, Paul,
You know the stool,
The jukebox that never work, Paul
You know the *$!? that never &!@*…
…The fire that understood,
The child you never see, Paul,
The ward and the warden, Paul,
The raisin-in-the-sun,
Dreams that always could,
Memories that never did…
The drive home at night……………….Paul.
I could always see the rum-cork
Turn off, turn on Paul,
Twis’-and-disappear Paul
Back-when-the-money-done Paul.
The daughter in England
Who never write Paul
And who could only call…about land.
Well, I could always smell the rats,
the cutlass, and the rum bottle Paul
Hiding in the old car
Like gold, calling your name Paul
The liquid lover, white like your hair, Paul
Rise and Fall….………………………………………Paul…
On a rainy morning, the tired ground might say your name.


Chanzo Greenidge (Twylight Seven): Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Delesse Francis:
Roger Ti:
Farisai Isi:
Tinika Davis:
Oba Kiteme:
Executive Producer:
Chanzo Greenidge
Oba Kiteme
Assistant Producer:
Lamar ‘Beebo’ Pollard


Chanzo Greenidge (Twylight Seven) lives in Trinidad & Toronto. His poetry and songwriting reflects ongoing work on migration, memory and diaspora in the Black Atlantic. He is currently working on translation of Um pouco além das rimas by Brazilian author Izaqueu Alves.

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