The Sea Monster is Not a Bridezilla / sonia farmer

And ….. then I realize there
are times I imagine ….. my wedding
imagine ….. dancing imagine
the settings the ….. blazing trees It

will be June maybe ….. July maybe
It will follow the blooming And
then I realize the ….. faces that should
be there are not ….. the faces I

imagine and even ….. his face even
that is not the same and ….. then I realize
I’m ….. not sure what faces if any are
there maybe ….. there are no ….. faces The

harder I search for ….. them the ….. more
they disappear until ….. they are all blank
until ….. even the setting is ….. blank
extinguished ….. as if they ….. had been

eroded by ….. sea waves or perhaps the
waves of my mind yes ….. those nameless
waves making ….. nameless faces ….. faceless
faces receding ….. like waves


Sonia Farmer is the founder of Poinciana Paper Press which publishes limited-edition, hand-bound and letterpress-printed chapbooks by Caribbean writers out of Nassau, The Bahamas. She’s the author of two chapbooks whose work has appeared in numerous journals including Poui and The Caribbean Writer. She recently won the 2011 Small Axe Competition in poetry. She holds a BFA in Writing from Pratt Institute. 

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