tongues of the ocean update December 2012

Welcome, and greetings.

Loyal readers of tongues of the ocean will no doubt be wondering what has gone wrong—where’s the October issue gone, and what’s happening with the journal.

Well, things are changing. For the past four years—since toto‘s inception in February 2009—I’ve been managing the journal more or less single-handedly. For a while I had the welcome assistance of our spoken word editor, Nadine Thomas-Brown, and also of our prose editor, Sonia Farmer, but everyone, all of us, are busy with other things. The past year has been difficult, and toto 12, October’s issue, didn’t happen.

So we’re going to go on hiatus while we retool and rejuvenate. The journal isn’t going under, so please continue to think of us as a potential place of publication, especially if you’re a Bahamian or a Caribbean writer or one from the diaspora. But for the moment we won’t be publishing any new work until we know what format we are going to continue in. A quick headsup—I’m looking for guest editors, and so if you’re interested in coming on board to edit a month or a whole issue of toto, feel free to contact me.

In the meantime, June’s issue will be consolidated and uploaded.

All the compliments of the season to you, and check back every now and then to see what we’ve got going!

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