The Bermudas that called me into being / wendy fulton steginsky

Salt-laden mangroves that bristle at low tide

crimson stain from Surinam cherries
Mary and I pilfered from Colonel Stevens’ tree

fried bananas with cod fish cakes on Sunday morning

match-me-if-you-can leaves that nurse the sun in their veins

lip-puckering paw paw juice

sea-urchin husks bleached white in mid-August
and strewn on our dock at the mouth of Mullet Bay

holding-our-breath-underwater games
that Linda Roberts next door usually won

twig and nook of the Indian laurel outside Salt Spray’s kitchen

hallway from my bedroom to the end door
where my mind’s thirst and sea’s freedom first met


Wendy Fulton Steginsky is a Bermudian poet whose work has been published in two Bermuda Anthologies, And The Questions Are Enough, online, including The Wild River Review and Making Magic: Beauty in Word and Image, an exhibition and book celebrating photography and poetry at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Imagery, pace and music of language…this is mastery. Food, the body and nature are its theme; yet, it has everything of philosophy.

    Professor Gilbert NMO Morris

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