Untitled / brenda lee browne

Time only changes the exterior of things
The inner vibrations, the desire for warmth,
Food, shelter
The reason to rise in the morning
Remains the same wherever we live
Transportation, beast of burden, cart and man aligned
Pace necessary to suit the rhythm of man moving one
Object from one space to another
Camel hair ragged
Driver’s hair matted
Language mutual
Movement purposeful
Unchecked, unfazed by the passing of time
They both know where they are heading
No need to hide where they came from


Born in London of Antiguan parents, to a father who is a born story teller, Brenda Lee Browne always wanted to be a writer. She says, “My heritage informs my writing voice and my continuous quest to answer the questions of where do I come from?” Her work has appeared in anthologies in the UK, USA, Canada and the Caribbean; and she was long listed for the Hollick Arvon Prize in 2013 and an east Midlands Arts recipient in 2000.

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