Black Woman Cry / charles langley

Black woman cry, black woman cry
Sitting at home, many children to mine alone
No one to give them food
No one to lend a loan
No husband around to help at home
Black woman cry, Black woman cry
First girl sixteen, want to become a beauty queen
No one around to help with a loan
Some times feel like giving up hope
Because life is not a joke
Black woman cry, Black woman cry
Conceiving bring pain
Looking for a husband help is like looking out in vain
So it will never make sense to conceive again
No one around to support me and my children an’ them


Charles Langley is a writer of poetry and dub poems; artist and song writer. He is also a part of Expressions: Poetry in the Pub, an August rush project. Langley is, at the moment, working on Love and gospel.

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