Express Yourself

from Nadine Thomas-Brown, Spoken Word Editor of tongues of the ocean:

Express Yourself is an expanding venue for Bahamian artists to showcase their talents in all performance art genres. And, when it comes to this scene, the artists are characteristically daring and the art is original and fluid. The space that encloses the talent is an eclectic mix of chic spirit and contemporary style.

The audience is inspired as dramatic, poetic and vocal performers combine movement, text and percussion in performances that create possibilities for personal and national transformation.  You may feast on concepts of art that challenge stereotypical representations of identity, community and sexuality. Artists permit concepts to float above and below the surface in which there is a constant, yet shifting interplay between national, racial and sensuous identities.

And as each month concludes the best artists plate their artistic fare in an Express Yourself Concert.

The organizers of Express Yourself aim to promote, inform, present, preserve, advance and archive all artistic forms. They consider all forms of arts as individual expressions of the collective human experience. It is the prerogative of every individual, group or cultural society to judge what constitutes the reach of their artistic expressions. After all, art is a unifying language and we should do all we can to protect its survival.

At the Express Yourself concert you will be rewarded with the most unique art experience of all, performance art uncensored and incredibly powerful. It’s all about the revelation of creative self-hood through the manipulation of performance.

You can find out more on Facebook.

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