october 2010

Wells Plantation Ruins
Photo by Nicolette Bethel

featuring work from the Bahamas Writers Summer Institute

Guest editors: Marion Bethel & Helen Klonaris

writer on writers – Christian Campbell

A Dream of Fire – Christian Campbell

Bucking Up on Evening – Christian Campbell

Lightskinned Id – Christian Campbell

writer on writers – Olive Senior

Fabulous Eyelids – Olive Senior

Hurricane Watch – Olive Senior

Coal – Olive Senior

writer on writers  – A. Philip Armbrister

In Trouble with Nature – A. Philip Armbrister

Grandmother— – Sonia Farmer

On the Rock – D’Anthra Adderley

Locomotion – Thea Rutherford

Someone Else’s Grandmother – Heather L. Thompson

The Hand that God Dealt – Emille Hunt

Jesus I’m Naked – Deborah Thompson

As Much as We Can Stand – Maria Govan

For as Long as I Remember – Margot Bethel

buried umbilical cord – Renatta Laundry

In a Certain Light – Summer Edward

Where Streetlamps Dance on Black Water – George Goddard

Retired Woman War – Maelynn Seymour-Major

catch a fire: Fire – Alina Doodnath

Typhoon Psalm – Alessandra Trinidad Foley

Cyan’ Keep He Way from She – Sandra Sealy

Chameleon Thoughts – Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné


Waves and Murmurs (Editorial)


The Sacred Yes: Marion Bethel, Guest Editor

Spirit of a Shared Vision: Helen Klonaris, Guest Editor

Writing and the Politics of Imagination in Small Spaces: Olive Senior, Featured Writer


Contributors’ Notes


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