christina hutchings: process statement

The study of architecture and fine arts has had the most influence on my working process.

The constructive aspect of architecture and the expressive forms of sculpture and painting combine and react to each other during the working process.

The fact that Bermuda is a small British island situated alone in the Atlantic Ocean is an inspiration for my recent work.

I am surprised by the objects and events that have influenced the work: life boats, ships, maps, channel markers, transistor radios and radio broadcasts of the Gemini space capsule launches, submarines, lines of rope, nautical charts, undersea cables, shipping routes, a ride on the ferry.

These are things and situations I did not consider or realize to be subject matter and metaphors until I returned to Bermuda and they began appearing in work.


Christina Hutchings has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and a Masters of  Architecture degree. She worked in New York City from 1985 – 2007 in architecture firms. She has received visual artists fellowships from:  the MacDowell Colony,  The Edward Albee Foundation and Skowhegan. She returned home  to Bermuda  in 2008.

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