Clues / nicholas laughlin

A flower named for a bird.
A bird swooping like rain.
Rain the size of an island.
An island creased like my hand.
My hand hot as my tongue.
My tongue new as a flower.

A leaf white as a feather.
A feather drenched like string.
String to tie up a map.
A map smudged by my fingers.
My fingers in my teeth.
My teeth tearing a leaf.

Your skin furred like a flower.
Your neck aloof as a bird’s.
Your eyes like spirals of rain.
Your body unknown as an island.
A blush as hot as your hands.
A secret like your tongue.


Nicholas Laughlin is the editor of The Caribbean Review of Books. His poems have appeared in the Boston Review, Poetry Review (UK), and Poetry Wales, and he is working on a book about Guyana, part travel narrative, part cultural history. He was born and has always lived in Trinidad.

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