Three Haiku / heather thompson

Haiku 1

My father’s hat
flies through the wind
into the storm.

Haiku 2

The newspaper boy
cries Tribune Tribyune
stooping in the rain.

Haiku 3

A bird lives
in food store aisles
pecks at plums.


Heather L. Thompson is a lawyer who writes occasionally. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Heather was active in Bahamian theatre. She is most proud of her role as “Witness” in the original  You Can Bring a Horse to Water and wishes to reactivate her artistic side in the near future.

One comment

  1. How utterly thrilled I am to see the artist, the poet side of Heather. A side I’d actually forgotten. Happy to see the poet she is, alive and well. These 3, very fine haiku, happily, cause me to feel less alone in this craft, which often traverses rocky seas. To be in it together with another wonderful poet, is comfort in deed.

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