Beauty / dane swan

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

single mother three children
living with her parents to survive.

A girl working two jobs,
seven days a week,
saving to go to school.

Heart-spurned lover,
abuse victim, a decade later;
trying to prove to her mother,
it’s not her fault.

Voluptuous goddess
whose partner is concerned
about blood pressure, diet,
shortness of breath.

Child in a grown body,
with a woman’s years,
trying too grab the attention of men
who look like the picture of her father.

Bag lady, your eyes tell stories
of glory, despair, success, failure
deceit, withdrawn ineptness.

Grandmother falls from her bed in the home.

Daughter does not sue—
tired of the long drives every month.

Life does not make you less beautiful.


Bermuda born Dane Swan was shortlisted for Scarborough Arts’ Monica Ladell Award in 2013. In 2011, his collection of poems Bending the Continuum (Guernica Editions) was a recommended midsummer read by Open Book Toronto. In February 2014 Dane shall be the monthly Writer-In-Residence for Open Book Toronto.