Coconut Man / glenroy aaron

coconut man by Glenroy Aaron
“coconut man” by Glenroy Aaron
About the art work: At this writing, Glenroy Aaron was at work on a series which was part creative, part documentary, a series he simply called his ‘local’ collection. “Local is my attempt to put visual images to thoughts, ideas and concepts of what being Antiguan means to me,” Aaron said. “It attempts to identify who we were, and what we are now. This was done by researching the things and events that helped shape our culture and carefully observing what those concepts have evolved into today. The journey through the different stages of the collection has been eye opening and has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be Antiguan. The collection was birthed by what I saw as a need for truly local representation on the art scene in Antigua; art that is not necessarily local by the nationality of the artist but by the concepts they represent.” From his ‘local’ collection, the Coconut Man is presented plying his trade, as vendors like him are seen to do as part of the local scene, at market.
About the artist: Born in 1984, Antiguan and Barbudan artist Glenroy Aaron has always had a passion for anything artistic. Drawings and doodling captivated him in his childhood years and this love of the arts was nurtured in primary and secondary school and later honed under teachers in the Cambridge art programme at the Antigua State College. Upon leaving school he continued with his passion, branching into oils, which is currently his primary medium. He strives to capture the beauty in nature and human emotion. His subjects vary as his style evolves, as influences around him change.


  1. Love the attention to details… A handsome coconut man portrayed by a talented artist.

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