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“He was a successful businessman in the ‘import/export’ sector who doubled as a band leader (trumpeter and saxophonist) and singer. He had sung calypso as early as 1953. He remembers debuting at the Happy Acre Nightclub singing in praise of the colonial government. He initiated his writing career, seriously in 1960.

He shaped the lyrical content of the Antigua calypso during the decade of the sixties and continued to have impact during the seventies. He is due tremendous praise for his contribution to the maturation of Short Shirt as the most successful Antiguan calypsonian. Together they guided the modernization of Benna music [its Caribbean folk song genre] into calypso that found regional and international acceptance. ” Dorbrene O’Marde  writing in his book King Short Shirt: Nobody Go Run Me: The Life and Times of Sir Maclean Emanuel, 2014


Under the Carpet

Around here things use to give man fit
The way they does sweep bad deeds under the carpet
You and I know what I saying is true
How them does cover up what certain people do
Once you up there with rank and file
You get away clean—a tap on the wrist and a smile
Though you get catch red-handed in corruption
Like a reward you get transferred with promotion

Chor: And everything get swept—under the carpet
………..Ask Outlet ‘bout Christian Children funds—if it’s under the carpet
………..And if the forensic report tried to put anything—under the carpet
………..Like the hurricane lumber business went—under the carpet
………..Etc. etc.. etc etc ————-

Around here man use to get real vex
But had no means to take out their text
You could only grumble and take your blows
You were exclusively held in check by the likes of Mr. Rose
No matter how you frustrate stress out yourself and tug
They will sweep whatever they want to, under the rug
It’s the order of the day once you in the club
Your punishment for misdeed is transfer to a bigger job

But ’round here like things changing over
Since the advent of Radio Observer
School Children say they watching with the eyes of the Eagle
And nothing go pass—everything go get the needle
They say all the under-hand boo-bul, they go make disable
And is only clean cards they can play on top the table
From captain to cook, nobody getting no break
That’s why they investigating the video tape

Chor: Cause no longer will things be swept—under the carpet
………..No corruption cesspool can be swept under the carpet
………..Etc. etc. etc etc




  1. […] to reach out to another artiste was just him; he was just that kind of generous to other artistes. I remember when I reached out to writers to submit for the Antigua and Barbuda Tongues of the Ocean… Here’s hoping his 300 plus songs will soon be published per his dying wish. RIP, Marcus; and may […]

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