Strength through Pain / x-saphair king

strength through pain by XSaphair King
“Strength through Pain” by X-Saphair King


About the art work:  In Strength through Pain, the artist uses colour symbolism (bold red) to represent strength.  The textured background was created using tissue paper and crushed eggshells; that, with the use of black paint, communicate the pain. The painting stemmed from a devastating period in the artist’s life. The use of gold is meant to re-focus on the lighter side of life while the cracked figure in the foreground is open to interpretation—letting go of each struggle or being broken by them. Strength through Pain won X-Saphair King first place in Art at the Ridge’s 2nd Juried Art Exhibition in 2012.
About the artist: X-Saphair is a contemporary Antiguan and Barbudan artist. He loves to use unconventional material to create textural elements on his paintings. His goal is to educate aspiring artists, imparting his knowledge and techniques to aid their development.


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