Turmoil Within / x-saphair king

"Turmoil Within" by XSaphair King
“Turmoil Within” by X-Saphair King


About the art work: Turmoil Within was inspired by the artist’s experience with bullying. In it, he becomes the thing he is bullied about—an ugly weird freak. As such, in the image, he is almost transparent and faceless. The Daily Observer, an Antiguan and Barbudan daily, was used for the background while in the foreground are words that have haunted the artist— stupid, ugly, nasty, fat, punk, goof. Turmoil Within was featured in artist/designer Argent Robert’s Body of Art exhibition in January 2014 held at the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. 
About the artist: X-Saphair is a contemporary Antiguan and Barbudan artist. He loves to use unconventional material to create textural elements on his paintings. His goal is to educate aspiring artists, imparting his knowledge and techniques to aid their development.


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