october 2011

Photo by Andre Bagoo
Photo by Andre Bagoo. From Disappearing Houses, a photometry collaboration with the poet Vahni Capildeo.

Note: the October 2011 issue is smaller and leaner than others, owing partly to a couple of circumstances beyond our control. We focussed on spoken word in this issue, and found the supply of spoken word poetry to be slower and slimmer than we had hoped. Still, there are some really solid pieces in this issue—and because the issue is small, we trust that you will be able to savour them all.

We are closing out the issue and consolidating it with an interview with Helen Klonaris. Check back again next week for the new February 2012 issue.


The Salt Makers – Janice Pariat

Water Haikus – Nicole Fair

this time next year – Nic Sebastian

your name – Namita Krishnamurthy

the situation on Thursday – Nic Sebastian

you never thought – Nic Sebastian

Watermelon – Andre Bagoo

Eve’s Fault – Jee Leong Koh

Steel Hill – Chanzo Greenidge (Twylight Seven)

Paul – Chanzo Greenidge (Twylight Seven)

writer on writers – Helen Klonaris


Waves and Murmurs (Editorial)


Contributors’ Notes


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